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22 October 2012

What is your favourite erotic film (or erotic scene from a film)?

Janine Ashbless, author of Red Grow the Roses and contributor to Shameful ThrillsExposure and The Visitor and Underworlds

I like the scene in Nine and a Half Weeks where she's playing with herself while watching a slide show, and the slides just get faster and faster :-) Pornwise, I like Catherine and The Drifter and Fashionistas. Hmm. Looks like I have a thing for scenery!

Felix Baron, author of petite novel Look at Me! 

This is where my hubris is exposed. We've got a great one in a script I've co-written with Madeline Moore, but not yet sold.

Chrissie Bentley, contributor to The VisitorConfessionsSubmissionMy Secret LifeSex & The StrangerAt Your MercyShameful Thrills, ExposureImproper Conduct and Girls Girls Girls and Underworlds

In the XXX world, The Sexorcist, which was one of those post-Exorcist knock-offs that came out in the early 1970s, and basically revolves around Lily Lamarr giving sloppy blowjobs to every guy she meets, the Devil included; and more politely, Inserts, a mainstream Hollywood movie with Richard Dreyfuss and Jessica Harper. I also adore the lesbian cat scene at the end of disc one of 8th Day, and most recently, the French movie Q, with Deborah Revy, which completely blew me away. 

Rachel Kramer Bussel, contributor to ExposureAt Your MercyShameful Thrills and Girl for Hire and Too Fast For Love

The Fist, The Whole Fist and Nothing But The Fist starring Chloe. I'd never seen a man fist a woman before, which happens at the end. There's something at once very practical about how she approaches fisting, which is such an intense act, and, essentially, hosting a fisting party. Then there's the fact that fisting isn't allowed to be shown in U.S. porn so there's the taboo element. But mostly what I love about it is how unabashed Chloe is about her enjoyment of it. This videotape is one of my most prized possessions!

Kyoko Church, For Her Pleasure (March 2013), contributor to Submission and My Secret Life

Erotic film. Do you mean porn? I don’t watch much feature length porn because I don’t find it to be very erotic. Sometimes it’s okay but generally I find it a bit meh. That’s a technical writer’s term.

As for mainstream films, I recently discovered A Dangerous Method which totally blew me away. It tells the real life story of Carl Jung’s relationship with one of his patients, Sabina Spielrein. I found the whole film very erotic. It’s partly the same idea that’s behind my petite novel For Her Pleasure, in that the main characters have demons that torture them but once they embrace them they turn into the source of powerful eroticism. It might be easiest to say my favourite scene was the one where Jung had her wrists tied to the door while he whipped her from behind. That was certainly exciting. But I think my favourite scenes were the ones where she confessed her secret desires to him. The fact that she liked the beatings. That the sight of his cane made her wet. That she wanted him to punish her. The combination of how hard it was for her to admit those things but how much the thoughts excited her, no matter how dark, or perhaps because they are so dark, is tantalizing. You’ll see my obsession with confessions quite a bit in For Her Pleasure. 

Madelynne Ellis, author of Anything But Vanilla and forthcoming All Comers and Her Husband's Lover, contributor to Come Play with Me (November 2012)

Hm, tricky, most of the films that are billed as erotic aren't. I'm a big fan of Gothic. What's not to love about Gabriel Byrne and Julian Sands running around in flouncy shirts? I'm also a big fan of Russ Meyer's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Other than those, I've always loved the erotic charge in Desperado.

Rose de Fer, author of Lust Ever After

Oh, it's very difficult to choose just one favourite! But there's a scene in Waxwork (a not-terribly-good horror film) where a girl gets sucked into the Marquis de Sade exhibit in the evil wax museum. She finds herself a victim of the real Marquis. Two pretty maidens string her up between a pair of columns and unfasten the back of her dress. Then de Sade whips her as entertainment for a visiting English prince. When her dorky boyfriend arrives to rescue her, she throws herself at de Sade's feet and begs him not to let her boyfriend take her away.

Another of my favourites is from David Cronenberg's Dead Ringers, where Genevieve Bujold's character is tied to the end of her gynaecologist's bed with rubber tubes and clamps. It's a short but potent visual image, and one of the most erotic I've ever seen. I saw it at a very impressionable age and it featured in all my fantasies for years afterwards. I have to say I do still fantasise about those rubber tubes...

Madeline Moore, author of Pretty as a Pornstar and The Swap

During my Dennis Quaid years I had the sex scene between him and Ellen Barkin in The Big Easy lined up on my video (!) of the film so it was always immediately available to me. I haven't watched it in some time, probably because I don't even have a VCR anymore, but just thinking about it now makes me want to see it again. Man, it's steamy. They're both fully clothed but he is obviously finger-fucking her and she confesses, "I've never been lucky when it comes to sex," (or something like that) and he smiles that wide, amazing smile of his and replies, in his New Orleans drawl, "Your luck is about to change, cher."

Charlotte Stein, author of Deep DesiresMake Me and Power Play

Young Adam. I really, really wish I could say something more sexy here, like Nine and a Half Weeks or Secretary. But no, it's Young Adam. Filthy, coal dust covered, weird, not really sexy at all Young Adam. For me, Ewan McGregor is one of the best onscreen lovers of all time—he always looks like he's having such a cracking time. He always looks so horny. His eyes glaze and spark at the same time, he goes at it like a madman, and he's never afraid to use his tongue. And the fact that it's Tilda Swinton he's banging in Young Adam...well. That's just the icing on the cake. He goes at her like an animal, and I love it.

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