Why We Love Writing Erotica


8 February 2013

We asked our authors what their favorite thing about being an erotica writer is, and here's what they said:

Janine Ashbless, author of Red Grow the Roses and contributor to Shameful ThrillsExposure and The Visitor

I get to masturbate and count it as valuable work time. Erm ... am I allowed to say that?

Kyoko Church, For Her Pleasure, contributor to Submission and My Secret Life

My favourite thing would be the million dollar contracts and meeting celebrities to star in the movie version of my work. Oh wait, that's not me, that's E.L. James. 

I think my favourite thing is hearing from fans. Sometimes I have these ideas rattling around in my head and I think, oh I shouldn't write THAT. That's too weird/kinky/twisted/whatever my internal critic tries to label it in order to sabotage me. ;) But often I find those are exactly the things I should write. And then when I hear from people who say they like what I've written, well, it's such lovely positive reinforcement and justification for what I do. It makes me love it all the more!

Charlotte Stein, author of Make Me and Power Play

Getting to leave the bedroom door open, and maybe also exploring in fantasy what I'd never do in reality!

Chrissie Bentley, contributor to The VisitorConfessionsSubmissionMy Secret LifeSex & The StrangerAt Your MercyShameful Thrills, ExposureImproper Conduct and Girls Girls Girls

The freedom to discuss topics and ideas (not necessarily sexual ones, either) that maybe aren't so easy to address in "polite" company.

Kat Black, contributor to At Your MercySubmission and Sex and the Stranger

You mean apart from getting to think about hot sex all day, every day, and being paid for doing so? That split second of silence after I've told someone what I write, and the way that information quite literally changes the way they look at me from one moment to the next.

Megan Hart, contributor to My Secret Life

I love writing about relationships, all kinds! Writing about sexual relationships adds one more level of complexity.

Sommer Marsden, contributor to Boys Next Door (September 2012) At Your MercyExposure and Across My Knee

The being a writer part. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, the erotica part just seemed to be where I’m the strongest. I am much better at writing steamy encounters than intricate mysteries.

Teresa Noelle Roberts, contributor to The Visitor and Across My Knee

The flip answer is that I love the idea I'm being paid to think about sex and romance obsessively, which I'd be doing anyway. The serious answer incorporates that notion. Sexuality is an important part of life, and I think it's worth thinking about, speculating about, and writing about in a way that's both thought-provoking and lust-provoking.

Kristina Wright, author of Seduce Me Tonight

My favorite thing about being an erotica writer is getting to write stories that are romantic and sexy—the kinds of stories I enjoy reading. I also like the perk of being able to do my job anywhere I go, as long as I have a laptop. (Though I'm dying to try writing a book on my iPhone!)

Rachel Kramer Bussel, contributor to ExposureAt Your MercyShameful Thrills and Girl for Hire

I love getting to be both a voyeur and an exhibitionist at the same time. I'm a voyeur because people are constantly sharing their naughty secrets with me, and I get to ogle sexy photos and read about other people's sex lives, fantasies and questions as research, and an exhibitionist in that I get to put my craziest ideas and most outrageous dirty dreams on display in written form—all without leaving the house!

Tenille Brown, contributor to Across My KneeToo Fast For Love and Take Me

Most of all, I love the deviousness of being an erotica writer. I love how contradictory it is to my everyday life where I'm simply a working mother and wife. It tickles me knowing that I've never used a pseudonym (except once) and although everyone knows that I write, hardly anyone knows what I write. It's like hiding in plain sight.

It gives me an escape and I love the creative liberty. I've crafted many stories around the simplest real life situations.

I also love the challenge of thinking up new scenarios and stories. It's so easy to be cliché when writing erotica so I always challenge myself to think and write outside the box to make sure that my story stands out to both the editor and the audience.

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