Mischief Authors' New Year's Resolutions


3 January 2013

What is your erotic writing New Year's resolution?

Janine Ashbless, author of Red Grow the Roses and contributor to Shameful ThrillsExposureThe VisitorUnderworlds and My Boyfriend's Boyfriends

My erotic writing New Year's resolution is to write 2K every time I sit down to work. Doesn't sound like much, but I'm not a fast writer, and that's double my old target.

 Lisette Ashton, author of Beyond Temptation and Dragon Desire, contributor to Captivated, Confessions, My Boyfriend's Boyfriend, The Swap and Underworlds

This year I'm resolved to quit one or two things that are supposedly bad for me and do more of some things that are supposedly good for me. I'm open to suggestions as to which activities fall into which category. And I'm determined to write about anything that proves to be more than fun I originally imagined.

Felix Baron, author of petite novel Look at Me!

Felix resolves that in every novel he writes in 2013, he will explore at least one sexual preference that he has neglected in his work so far. He's thinking, in his next, of including lashings of tight lacing and some knottie erotic bondage. In the spirit of 'green' there will be the minimum of waist.

Primula Bond, author of Sisters in Sin, contributor to At Your Mercy, Brief Encounters, Confessions,  Cougar, Girl for Hire, In Her Service, Ladies Who Lust, My Boyfriend's Boyfriends, Shameful Thrills, Submission andThe Visitor

My New Year's resolution as an erotic writer is to knock Fifty Shades of Grey into a cocked (pun intended) hat.

Tenille Brown, contributor to Across My KneeToo Fast For Love and Take Me and Cougar

I stopped making official resolutions years ago because I would inevitably break each and every one of them. When it comes to my writing, I’ve always set goals for myself instead. In the coming year, I plan to face down my fear of writing longer works of erotic fiction. I’ve always taken what I consider the easy way out, writing short stories. That way I never felt too invested, and it was a way to guard my feelings in case they were rejected. I’m going to shoot for longer word counts, hoping for novellas and eventually novels I the coming year. I think it’s feasible since in the past year I’ve stretched my stories from the 2k to the 4k+ mark. That’s my goal/resolution in a nut (tee hee) shell.

Rachel Kramer Bussel, contributor to ExposureAt Your MercyShameful ThrillsGirl for Hire and Too Fast For Love

I resolve to push myself out of my comfort zone and not listen to that voice in my head that tells me, often several thousand words in, 'you can't.' I plan to write and finish all those stories I'd previously told myself were 'too out there'.

Kyoko Church, For Her Pleasure (February 2013), contributor to CougarSubmissionMy Secret Life and Captivated

Erotic writing resolutions? Hm. I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions since people, including myself, rarely keep them and when that happens I find it depressing! If I were to make them, they’d be the usual: be more consistent with blog posts, organize my time better between blogging, answering mail, doing PR, tackling WIP and starting new stuff, as opposed to the haphazard and totally flighty way I handle it now.

Either that or…find more time to masturbate. Actually, yeah, that last one! I’m resolving to do that last one. And I’m going to be, ahem, firm with myself. ;)

Elizabeth Coldwell, contributor to Across Your Knee, In Her Service, Captivated, Confessions,  Exposure, Girl for Hire, Holiday Affairs, Improper Conduct, Instructed To Play, Ladies Who Lust, My Boyfriend's Boyfriends, Sex And The Stranger, Shameful Thrills, Submission, Too Fast For Love, and Underworlds

To make my scenarios as hot and my characters as compelling as I possibly can.

Natalie Dae, co-author of Anything For Him

For 2012 my resolution was to write half a million words. I managed well over 600,000, but I didn't write every day. 2013's resolution is to write at least 500 words every day, no matter what. I'm determined to beat this year's word count, so expect a few sexy, heat-inducing novels from me in 2013! 

Flora Dain, contributor to Forever Bound (February 2013)   

1. More sex.

2. Tease the tiger — lure him, torment him, delight him — make my hero do just what I want. No, wait — that’s my husband!

3. More sex.

Justine Elyot, author of Kinky, His House of Submission and Game

My 2013 writing resolution is to go back to my roots and write the stories I would want to read, rather than the stories I imagine other people would want to read.

Rose de Fer, author of Lust Ever After, contributor to SubmissionSex And The StrangerGirl for HireUnderworldsToo Fast For LoveTake MeInstructed To PlayHoliday Affairs, Come Play With MeBrief Encounters and Forever Bound (February 2013)

My erotic writing New Year's resolution is to try something new and kinky so I have something different and exciting to write about!

KD Grace, author of Surrogates and Kinky Boots

2012 has been a very busy year for me, with four new novels, several short stories and a novella. That means I've not had much time for anything else, and I've not done the best job of taking care of myself, so my only real resolution for 2013 is to take more time for me. Writing has always been a passion for me and it's never been a hardship to get up in the morning and get to the writing, nor for me to push a deadline. But the writing is more fun when I'm healthy and fit and having a life that will prime the creative pump. So this year my goal is not so much to write less as to write smarter, which means planting more veg, walking more long walks, reading more for fun and picking up with my piano lessons again.

As far as writing goes, there are already two novels slated, and I'm hoping another novella and some short stories, so I'm sure there'll be more exciting writing challenges ahead of me. Of course, like all writers, I'll be striving to write better this year than I did last, to tell a better story, to make every word exactly the right word that will draw the reader into the place I've created and make them want to stay awhile.

Happy 2013 everyone! Wishing you all love and light and happiness!

Lily Harlem, co-author of  Anything For Him, author of Confessions of a Naughty Night Nurse (January 2013)

1. To get on with sequels and next-in-series novels I have buzzing around my head. The characters are driving me crazy with their impatience, but they'll just have to wait their turn.

2. To walk the dog first thing in the morning! I get up, showered and dressed and then check my emails. Before I know it the clock has turned to midday and a pair of big brown eyes are piling on the guilt. Yes, I must walk the dog before I get sucked into writing each day! I live near the beach, so its hardly a chore, and the fresh air and exercise helps to keep the dreaded 'writer's bum' at bay. I definitely don't want that to feature in 2013!

3. To turn off my email and Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest when I'm writing. I try to do it, but with only a 50% success rate at the moment. I must make that up to at least 80% this year. Trouble is, I'm so easily distracted when there are friends to chatter to, blogs to read and nice pictures to look at.

Annabeth Leong, contributor to Forever Bound (February 2013)

I've been working on making the visuals in my stories more vivid, and this year I want to get down to the underwear. I bought a vintage-style garter belt recently, and I love the way it looks. The sight of it made me want to pay more attention to how my characters appear midway through undressing, not just before or after.

 Sommer Marsden, author of Boys Next Door, contributor to At Your MercyExposure and Across My KneeCaptivatedToo Fast For LoveThe Boss and Take Me

Writing goals (I do goals not resolutions) for 2013 will be write, write, write. Remain focused and true to myself and the stories that need to be told. To let all the other nonsense that can come with being a writer fall by the wayside. Oh...and stop F5-ing so much!

Madeline Moore, author of Debutante, contributor to The Swap

My New Year’s resolutions, in terms of my work, are simple.

1) I will write stories as they come to me, rather than stash them in my already overcrowded mind until I see the calls for submission that they match. Recently, a call came that was perfect for an extremely unusual tale I’ve had in mind for some time. It’s a complicated story in a subgenre that’s new to me: futuristic erotica. Although I primarily write contemporary erotica I've successfully penned paranormal and, in 2012, my first fantasy tale. I believe my futuristic story, had I written it, would have made the cut and I’d be part of a fabulous anthology created by two adventurous colleagues. Instead, I’m on the outside, lookin’ in. I hate it when that happens.

2) I aim to tame the angst that still occasionally manages to overwhelm the confidence I have in myself and the quality of my work. I’ll do this with the common sense that comes with maturity: this is not a deeply engrained hyper-sensitive aspect of my artistic personality; it’s a bad habit that hinders productivity. More Mischief, please, and less misery. So I direct the following to my childish fears of all-consuming predators: ‘be gone, super-creeps. You’re really beginning to bug me.’

Medea Mor, contributor to Brief Encounters and  Forever Bound (February 2013)

My New Year's resolution is simply to write more. I wrote (and finished) a lot of short smut in the middle of 2012. Then my production ground to a halt because real life intervened. As a result, I have about a dozen unfinished stories sitting in my hard drive, including some very promising ones. My goal is to finish and publish these in the first three months of 2013. After that, I'd like to get back to my sorely neglected novel!

Mina Murray, contributor to Brief Encounters

To stretch myself and try something new, whether that's writing from a different perspective or in a different voice, or taking on the challenge of a longer form like a novella.

Tabitha Rayne, contributor to Forever Bound (February 2013)

In 2012 I was hidden away writing a novel, which is a lengthy and sometimes lonely affair. So this year, the sexy 2013, I resolve to pack all that saucy hot loving action into novella length fiction - that way I can come up for air a little more frequently...

Giselle Renarde, contributor to The Boss, Cougar and Holiday Affairs

When I first started writing erotica, a lot of publishers advised me not to write about lesbians and bisexual women. They told me that stuff didn't sell and I should write stories for which there was more market demand. What did I know? I took their advice, but I was never happy about it. Last year, I returned to my roots. I started writing more queer fiction and lesbian kink. As if by magic, the stories that appealed to me found their way to the right readers. My resolution this year is to keep writing queer, kinky, and diverse stories that appeal to me instead of writing 'for the market.'

Charlotte Stein, author of Deep DesiresMake Me, Power Play and Addicted contributor to Come Play with Me, Holiday AffairsAcross My KneeIn Her ServiceCaptivated,  ExposureGirl for HireHoliday AffairsSex And The StrangerSubmission,  The Swap and Underworlds

To not be afraid of writing.

Kathleen Tudor, contributor to Cougar, Take Me, My Boyfriend's Boyfriends, The Boss, Holiday Affairs, Instructed To Play, Brief Encounters and  Forever Bound (February 2013)

My erotica writer New Year's resolution is to write more words this year than I did in 2012, which means topping 300,000 words. Of course, topping my 2012 sales figures (35 short stories and novellas!) would be great, but I do have a little less control over that part.

Kristina Wright, author of Seduce Me Tonight

My erotic writing resolution for the coming year is to blend the genres of erotica, romance and paranormal and write a kick ass erotic urban fantasy. I love blurring the lines between genres and I am ready to challenge myself to write something I haven't written before!

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